Awards to the B&B Caserta Deluxe - Caserta Bed and Breakfast

The BEST B&B in Caserta at the BEST price.
The BEST B&B in Caserta
at the BEST price.
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The BEST bed and breakfast in Caserta at the BEST price.
Enjoy your stay with us.

Caserta Deluxe - Bed and Breakfast -

OUR LIFE PHILOSOPHY: ENJOY YOUR MOMENTS! it is a philosophy of life that we follow and want to transmit. It is an invitation we make to our guests to enjoy every moment, to seek joy in the present and the beauty of small pleasures. Here and now, enjoying the gifts we have before our eyes is a way to truly live, and discover that well-being can hide everywhere: just open your eyes and smile.
We host with PASSION to make every moment UNIQUE.
The appreciation of our guests is the best reward.

“Life is made up of very rare moments of great intensity and countless intervals. However, most men, not knowing the magical moments, end up living only the intervals. "
Friedrich Nietzsche
We are committed to doing everything possible to make the time spent at Caserta Deluxe magical.
Caserta Bed and Breakfast
Via Unità Italiana, 78  Caserta
Via Nazario Sauro, 24 Caserta

Telephone:(039) 347 756 8637

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